Can I travel by plane with the scooter?2019-10-04T09:28:00+00:00

Our scooters are the only ones approved to travel by plane. They occupy the size of a cabin suitcase and are not billed. The battery is easily disassembled, weighs 1kg, and they are dry lithium.

Is it easy to drive the scooter?2018-06-12T13:22:22+00:00

Our scooters are super easy to use. They fold and unfold with a remote control. You can control the speed easily with the control panel. The automatic brake is activated when the lever is released. A simple instructions manual is provided with the scooter.

Is it safe to ride the scooter?2018-06-12T13:21:14+00:00

It’s perfectly safe. Our scooters are designed and approved for people with reduced mobility. Their speed does not exceed 6 km/h.
The brake locks automatically when the lever is released.

​What is the autonomy of this scooter? How is the battery recharged?2018-06-12T13:19:20+00:00

Our scooters have a maximum range of 12 km. The battery is recharged by plugging the provided charger to a home 220V socket.

​What requirements do I have to meet to ride this scooter?2018-06-12T13:18:32+00:00

You must be 18 years or older, and weigh less than 136 kg. Always ride carefully, and only in pedestrian areas.

​How does the deposit work?2018-06-12T13:17:53+00:00
  • At the time of booking, an amount of € 150 will be charged to your credit card as a deposit to cover possible damages.
    After the rental period of the scooter and after the return and verification of the status of the vehicle, the bank is ordered to refund the amount of the deposit. Keep in mind that the bank may take a couple of days to make it effective.
  • You have all the conditions here: www.scooteradomicilio.com/terms-and-conditions​
Can I access public premises riding the scooter?2018-06-12T13:15:15+00:00
  • You can use our scooters wherever you need, provided the place is equipped with ramps or elevators. Our scooters are only 45 cm wide. Most public transport in Valencia is adapted: buses with ramps and platforms, elevators in metro stations …
  • According to the traffic authorities, people with reduced mobility using wheelchairs and electric scooters are considered pedestrians.
Will it fit in an elevator?2018-06-12T13:14:17+00:00
  • No problem. If your elevator is small, the Transformer automatically folds to the size of a suitcase, 45x45x57 cm.
Will the scooter fit in a trunk?2018-06-12T13:12:10+00:00
  • Yes, our scooters fold easily and weigh only 25 kg. They can be dragged like a trolley case, or placed inside the trunk of a car.
Where can I ride the scooter?2018-06-12T13:05:21+00:00
  • Mobility scooters must travel on the sidewalk, just like pedestrians.