Terms and Conditions

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  1. Scooter a domicilio soluciones de movilidad online SL is the leasing company of the rental service of electric scooters with home delivery.
  2. DEPOSIT. The client authorizes the leasing company to pre-authorize a deposit of 150 euros charged to the same credit or debit card used to pay the rental service. This deposit will be returned once the customer has returned the scooter in the same conditions in which the delivery was made. In case of loss of components and accessories, as well as damage to the scooter due to misuse, the leasing company will invoice the customer according to the table in Annex A. If the obligations arising from this contract are not covered by the amount of the deposit, the leasing company will charge the remaining amount against the account of the lessee in the bank issuing the card.
  3. The client will receive at the indicated address, at the agreed date and time, an electric scooter in perfect conditions of use, with the battery fully charged, and related accessories (key, remote control, charger and summary of the instructions manual).
  4. The customer agrees not to let the battery discharge completely. In the event that the rental is for more than one day, the customer will be responsible for recharging the battery with the charger provided and according to the instructions on the website and in the summary provided.
  5. At the end of the contracted period, the customer agrees to deliver the scooter and its accessories to the person designated by the leasing company at the given address, at the time and date agreed in this contract.
  6. Once the scooter is returned with its accessories, the leasing company will check its status and proceed to the total or partial refund of the deposit and issue an invoice.
  7. If any type of problem occurs, especially in the operation of the vehicle, the customer should immediately contact the leasing company.
  8. The customer agrees to make good use of the scooter, in accordance with Spanish traffic regulations. The electric scooter must travel on public roads designated for pedestrians, at the same speed and without causing any inconvenience. The scooter must travel on tracks with a dry pavement and in good condition, with a maximum slope of 5%. The total weight admitted by the scooter is 136 kg. The use of the scooter by a different person than the one that appears as a client in the contract is forbidden. It is forbidden to drive the scooter under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or drugs that sensitively alter sensory perception.It is forbidden to use the scooter in races, sports events, competitions or related activities. It is forbidden to use the scooter to push or tow other vehicles or items.
  9. The scooter and the third parties that could be damaged as a result of the use of this scooter, participate in the benefits of an insurance policy contracted by the leasing company, which covers the minimum civil liability required by law, as long as all the clauses established in the contract are fulfilled. The client is not covered by the policy (which is the type popularly known as “third party insurance”). For the insurance to be effective, it is necessary that the accident has not been caused by fraudulent or negligent behavior of the client.
  10. The data provided by the client will be used exclusively for the correct provision of the contracted service, being able to request, in accordance with the law, its access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by means of communication by any means to the leasing company. This contract is governed by Spanish law.


Fees in case of loss of components and accessories, as well as damages caused by misuse.

  • Front wheel € 60
  • Key€5
  • Backrest € 70
  • Rear wheel € 50
  • Remote control € 35
  • Anti-roll wheel € 25
  • Basket € 20

These charges will be deducted from the deposit.